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The Loan Ranger

Recent Loan:$68M by HSBC Origination Date: 6/10/2015 Current Lender:HSBC Bank USA Property Type: Hospitality Total Building Area: 84,577 sq. ft. Revenues(updated 7/01/2015): $13.6M Did you know?citizenM New York is the group's first US based...

Recent Loan:$75M by German American Capital Origination Date: 6/1/2006 Current Lender:CD 2006-CD3  Mortgage Trust Property Type: Hospitality Total Building Area: 106,827 sq. ft. Taxes (2015): $1,063,117 Did you know?With one of the best vantage...

Recent Loan:$300M by German American Capital Origination Date: 8/12/2014 Current Lender: $120M-COMM 2014-LC17 Mortgage Trust(assigned 1/14/2015) $120M-COMM 2014-UBS5(assigned 9/23/2015) $60M-COMM 2014-CCRE21 Mortgage Trust(assigned 10/27/2015) Occupancy: 86% NOI: $28,346,568 Assessed Value: $229.5M