Building of the Week

Cloud City – Bespin System

Owner: Scoundrel Properties LLC

Recent Loan: 1,000M Imperial Credits

Lender: Bank of Coruscant

Property Type: Mixed Use

Number of Floors: 392

Floor Area Ratio: 2,312.24

Significant Tenant: The Center of Carbon Refrigeration

Did you Know? More than just a gas mining colony, the top 50 floors of Cloud City serve as a luxury hospitality complex, housing two casinos: Yarith Bespin and Pair O’Dice. The lower levels of Cloud City are mostly Multi-Family housing, providing a low cost alternative to planet-side apartments with a short commute to Bespin’s surface.

The nebular property also features advanced healthcare facilities, making Cloud City a popular medical tourism destination. However, a recent increase in building violations due to a new Imperial garrison have caused legacy tenants to complain that their leases are getting worse all the time.

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