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Data Analyst – Modiin, Israel

You have strong problem-solving skills with an emphasis on Big Data. You have experience manipulating data and drawing insights from large data sets. You have the ability to understand data trends and translate it into business implications. You are a fast learner and a sharp thinker. You have excellent written and verbal communication skills for coordinating across teams.

Most importantly, you are advanced with Python and SQL. Your experience with Big Data comes from the financial industry. Your degree is in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering or similar or 8200 unit. And, you have Academic experience in relevant courses with data mining algorithms and machine learning algorithms and techniques.

The cherry on top is if you:

  • Are experienced with statistical analysis of large datasets (Mongo DB)
  • Understand of machine learning techniques
  • Have experience analyzing financial data
  • Have code writing capability in any vector based programming language (such as R)

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