CrediFi provides commercial real estate solutions for lenders, owners, brokers, and fund managers.


Stay Updated on Financing Metrics

Get a read on financing trends and pricing by looking at individual loans and properties or at whole markets. Access financing metrics such as LTV, DSCR, NOI, and interest rates. Get owner contact information so you can close those deals

Conduct Peer Analysis

Track your competitors’ lending strategies.
Analyze their lending profiles to find out what kinds of properties they finance and where. You can see multiple loan types all in one place, including balance-sheet loans, conduit/fusion CMBS, Fannie, Freddie, SBA, and FHA.

Gain New Lending Opportunities

Identify properties of interest coming up for refinancing, and contact them. Or use our CredifX service to connect with borrowers matching your lending criteria and get deals delivered straight to your inbox.

Do Your Due Diligence

Easily access property details such as square footage, property type and commercial tenants. Minimize risk by analyzing CRE owners’ real estate portfolios, and visualize the market with our mapping technology.


Get Financing

Match up with the lenders or brokers who can help finance your property. Use our CredifX service to discover lenders who provide the kind of financing you need, or search our database to see who’s financing the property types in your markets of interest. Either way, we help you identify better terms from more lenders.

Spot New Acquisition Opportunities 

Discover potential off-market acquisition opportunities using property and debt information. Contact the owner directly to close the deal.

Stay Updated on Financing Metrics

As you’re contemplating your next financing, get our view on financing trends and pricing by looking at individual loans and properties or at whole markets. Use our data to view financing metrics such as LTV, DSCR, NOI and interest rates.

Monitor Properties… And Your Competitors

Conduct your due diligence on properties of interest using details such as square footage, property type, tenancy and comparables, and visualize the data with our property maps. Also, track your competitors’ owner profiles and real estate strategy, and find out who’s financing their loans.


Increase Your Deal Flow Through Data

Find borrowers or team up with new financing partners, using our proprietary tools, including owner profiles, lender profiles, property maps and loan maps.

Let Leads Come to You

Using our CredifX service, get live opportunities in your inbox. Efficiently manage the process through our virtual data room.

Call Owners Directly

Discover new opportunities by searching for the property type or market you’re targeting. Call the owners directly and close the deal.

Understand the Marketplace Better

Gain insights on financing trends for a big-picture view of markets. Use our data to get financing metrics such as LTV, DSCR, NOI and interest rates, and visualize properties and lender activity with our proprietary maps. You can also do your due diligence on specific properties, and find out where borrowers and lenders and most active and which property types they focus on.


Drive Trading Decisions

Understand financials smarter by getting an overview of the commercial real estate exposure of banks and other publicly traded institutions. Analyze their property and geographic distribution prior to earnings releases.

Spot Risk Early

Improve your risk assessment for banks and other financials by digging into the details of their commercial real estate portfolios, down to individual loan and property information. This enables you to spot the outsize or out-of-market loans that may add to the risk on their books.

Conduct Peer Analysis

Compare financial institutions to their peers so you can track their performance on CRE lending not just over time, but also relative to their competitors. See data on U.S. national and regional banks, foreign banks, mortgage REITs and private institutional lenders.

Get Data the Way You Want It

Choose how to access our CRE finance data the way that works best for you. You can integrate CRE data into your existing systems with our API data feed, get the data delivered directly to you in ready-to-use files, or click through to our subscription web platform to get more details on the individual loans, properties or owners you’d like to understand .