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The commercial real estate marketplace that brings the deal to you.

CredifXTM is the data-driven debt marketplace for CRE, matching borrowers, brokers and lenders by mutual interest. Investors in Multi-family and all other major commercial property types can seek financing for loans of $1MM – $20MM through our lender network, where appropriate lenders compete for the lending opportunity.

Access a broader network of CRE finance professionals


Leverage greater process efficiency


Enjoy the benefits of market transparency



  • Match with more lenders who are looking to finance Owners like you
  • Super easy process, easily managed in the cloud


  • Find new clients and more financing options
  • Broker deals from beginning to end, from the comfort of your office


  • Find better deals, based on what you’re looking for
  • Get valuable color to better assess each deal

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CrediFi Loan LeadsTM

Find more deals – Powerful discovery engine guides you to new deals based on your criteria.

The CrediFi database houses over 2.5 million loans, both securitized and difficult to find whole loans.

Loan LeadsTM lets you search for deals and create a customized loan list based on:

  • Loan amount
  • Seasoning
  • Location
  • Risk tolerance
  • Property type

More than just loans, CrediFi gives you access to the complete picture.  CrediFi provides detailed property data, tenant details and scoring, real time comparables, proprietary investment scoring, and an overall market perspective for quick and holistic assessments.  Like all CrediFi offerings, the data and analytics are easy to access in one intuitive platform.

Data covers both securitized and non-securitized loans spanning over 2.3 million CRE properties nationwide.

Find more of the right deals for your business.


CrediFi DiligenceTM

Streamline due diligence for faster screening, scoring, and closing.

DiligenceTM is a one-stop resource with intuitive access to deep loan, property, tenant, and market level data that give insight into the health and potential of any deal – in real time.

Diligence happens in a fraction of the time with in-depth information on loans and properties, all easily accessible and understandable in one easy-to-use platform.  Powerful scoring and analytics tools enable even faster, accurate decisions with regularly refreshed data for the most up-to-date information.  DiligenceTM covers –

Asset Evaluation

  • Complete financial history – loans made (whole loans and securitized), lenders involved, owners, parent companies and more
  • Detailed property information such as building specs, upgrades, and violations
  • Tenant financial health and details

Market Assessment

  • Market level trends with sub-market and neighborhood drill downs
  • Real-time comparables and market roll-ups for peer valuations

As competition increases and closing times shrink, you need to make the right call fast.  Take the pressure and guess work out of due diligence with DiligenceTM.


CrediFi MonitorTM

Take the “gray” out of your portfolio

CrediFi MonitorTM is the intuitive platform that allows you to respond quickly to any loan, market, property, and tenancy fluctuations across your portfolio.

MonitorTM delivers real time alerts to keep you in the know when changes happen across your holdings, including:

  • Property violations
  • Changes in similar properties/neighborhood fluctuations
  • Loan updates for both securitized and non-securitized loans
  • Geographic and comparable sales
  • Tenant changes, such as store closures, expansions, and lease renewals

Further, regularly updated proprietary investment scores and analytics reflect the investment worthiness of your portfolio holdings, keeping you on the pulse of performance.

Stop wondering about the state of your portfolio.  Know what you own.


CrediFi EdgeTM

The big data advantage for CMBS

CrediFi EdgeTM powers better investment decisions with in-depth asset data on the properties behind the loan and their peer sets.

CrediFi EdgeTM delivers insightful diligence and mapping technology enabling
more informed and streamlined underwriting as well as a deeper understanding of CMBS investments through:

  • Property details & analytics
  • Market comparables
  • Mapping technology

Loan, property, and visualization tools combine with standard CMBS and financial data to deliver a new level of simplicity and knowledge to
CMBS investing. Get more clarity and better investments.Get the Edge.

CrediFi Office

CrediFi CompleteTM

A true holistic resource for all stages of real estate finance management.

CrediFi CompleteTM is the sum total of the CrediFi big data platform.  Data is collected, scrubbed, checked, and presented in a simple to use platform designed to empower Real Estate Finance professionals as well as asset owners, investors, and service providers.

From initial deal discovery to diligence to careful monitoring of your on-going portfolio, CompleteTM provides the crucial data, insights, and alerts to keep you at the height of knowledge and ahead of the game.  Greater understanding is yours with market level roll-ups delivering high level context while risk scoring tools and analytics allow for faster discovery, screening, and closing – all in an easy-to-use platform.

CompleteTM delivers:

  • Over 2.5M+ loans including difficult to secure whole loan data
  • In-depth property details for 2.3M properties
  • Market level analytics with neighborhood drill downs
  • Risk scoring tools for fast and accurate opportunity assessments

Now more than ever you need a competitive advantage.  Find out how CrediFi CompleteTM gives you the edge.


CrediFi FeedTM

Data made to order

CrediFi FeedsTM delivers vast amounts of Commercial Real Estate data right into your API.  Loan, property, and market level data are seamlessly integrated into your proprietary systems in real time.  Any of our products effortlessly load into your API, blending powerful data with your essential tools.  Whether it’s deal discovery, due diligence, portfolio management, or more, CrediFi gets you the data you need, the way you need it.

Find out how to get the right data feeds for you.